Your First Treatment

What to expect on your first visit

Upon you first visit to see us, the physiotherapist will initially take a detailed history from you and then examine the relevant condition, muscles and joints. The physio will then discuss their findings with you and then agree an appropriate and effective course of action.

As well as treating your current condition we at Physiotherapy Wales Ltd. believe that it is important to help prevent problems occurring and reoccurring in the future. We will provide you with advice on injury prevention, working positions, manual handling and lifting techniques and effective warm up and cool-down exercises prior to playing sport.

Please bring with you

It is important that for your first visit we have all the necessary information surrounding your condition. To ensure this please bring with you any medical notes, referral letters, correspondence, x-rays or scans and results of any investigations you have had in the past and a list of medication you take. This information will prove essential in allowing us to provide a more holistic and effective treatment plan that is tailored to your own individual needs.

As part of your initial assessment the physiotherapist will need to examine the area involved and you may need to undress. If this may be the case please bring appropriate clothing for example a pair of shorts. You are more than welcome to bring a friend or relative to accompany you during your assessment. Also as we have both male and female physiotherapists if you would specifically prefer and feel more comfortable with seeing one more so than the other then please specify and we will be more than happy to accommodate you.

Any further queries or questions you may have please contact us on 01792 543564

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