Physiotherapy FAQs

What is physiotherapy?

The central aim of physiotherapy is to restore proper functioning to the body. In the case of permanent disease or injury, the aim is to reduce the impact of the dysfunction. One of the many different areas of physiotherapy is treatment of varying conditions by means such as stretching, strengthening, re-learning movement patterns, joint mobilisation (applied movements to reduce stiffness and relieve pain) and deep tissue mobilisation.

What types of problems can physiotherapy help with?

Common conditions treated include back pain, neck pain, sprains, strains, arthritis, bursitis, tennis elbow, workplace and sports injuries, problems with posture, and reduced mobility. Rehabilitation after surgery is also offered.

Why see a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists have an advanced understanding of anatomy and pathology and enrich their skills through on-going post graduate education. Physiotherapists are regulated hy the Health Professions Concil which maintains a high standard of ethics and professionalism.

Why go to Physiotherapy Wales?

Physiotherapy Wales offers clients a highly professional physiotherapy practice that is heart and client-centered. We believe that for optimal healing to be met clients must be supported physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. To this end, each appointment is an uninterrupted, one-on-one session with a registered physiotherapist.

Are your team registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC)?

Yes, all of our physiotherapists are Chartered and registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC), ensuring we provide treatment to the highest standards.

Do you have a good relationship with other medical professionals?

Yes. We have a good working relationship with local GPs and many of the Orthopaedic Consultants and Podiatrists in the area, enabling us to provide a multi-disciplinary approach where necessary.

What does the treatment involve?

Our Physiotherapists use different treatment methods in order to deal with a wide range of injuries. Depending on the nature and severity of your injury, you may require:

Is physiotherapy appropriate for back and neck pain problems?

Yes. Back and neck problems are among the most common types of problems seen in our clinic and respond very well to Physiotherapy.

Can your physiotherapists manipulate?

Yes. Our physiotherapists can use a wide range of manipulations and mobilizations to treat your back, neck and all joints of the body.

When I experience pain or injure myself, how long should I wait before seeking treatment?

This depends on the severity of your injury. If you feel it is only a minor injury and you have minimal pain try following our advice on how to treat recent injuries. If after 48 hours it is still painful you should contact the clinic for an appointment. If the injury is more serious you should try to make an appointment as soon as possible.

Do I need to see a doctor to see a physiotherapist?

No. We currently offer both private physiotherapy and also we have physiotherapists linked with the NHS. As a private patient, anyone can make an appointment by simply phoning the clinic. However if you do want physiotherapy via a referral from your GP then we also cater to these needs also.

How quickly will I be seen for my first appointment?

We will always endeavour to offer you an appointment within 24 hours of you contacting us.

What can I expect on my first appointment?

Usually the session is begun by taking a history of your present condition to help determine the cause of your pain. Following this the problematic area is then examined and assessed. Following this assessment, a diagnosis and treatment can begin immediately.

For more detailed information on what to expect on your first visit please see our Your first treatment section.

How long does a physiotherapy appointment last?

Physio Therapy Wales treatment times are a half hour.

Should I bring my x-rays with me?

Yes and also bring any other relevant medical information you may have.

How many treatments will I need?

There is no pre-determined number of treatments for a specific condition. However following your initial assessment, your physiotherapist will discuss and agree a treatment plan with you. This may include advice regarding the approximate number of treatments you may require. An individual's response to treatment varies.

What should I wear for the first appointment?

Wear something comfortable. Bring a pair of shorts if it is a lower back, hip, knee, ankle, or foot problem. Bring a tank top if it is a neck, upper back, shoulder, elbow, or hand problem.

How much will it cost per session?

The cost of treatment can vary depending on your situation. Normally for a private patient an initial assessment is £50 and every treatment session after that is £40. However if you are a Swansea University student or member of staff we do offer a reduced fee. Also reduced fees are available for members of Swansea Harriers and we provide corporate fee structures for a host of sports clubs and employers. To discuss the costs for your treatment please contact us on 01792 543 564 where we will be happy to help.

Do you treat patients covered by Medical Insurance?

Yes, Physiotherapy Wales Ltd is a registered provider for most medical insurance companies. Call us on 01792 543564 to check if you are covered by your medical insurance for treatment.

Do you offer home visits?

Yes. These can be arranged for patients who are disabled or are too ill to attend the practice

What are your clinic hours?

Appointments will be made promptly to suit you and evening appointments are available. Our opening hours are Monday to friday 08:00 - 21:00 and Saturday 08:00 - .16:00

Is parking available at the clinic?

Yes, we have a large car park in front of the clinic

What is the policy for cancellation and missed appointments ?

A charge for missed appointments and cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will be made at the same rate of the booked appointment.


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